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Course Description:

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) available today. This hands-on course will teach you how to use the power of WordPress CMS to build modern, easy-to-navigate websites. Learn how to install, setup and publish websites using the core functionality of the WordPress platform. You will also be introduced on how to customize themes, build e-commerce shops, and implement basic SEO into your WordPress website. Prerequisites: HTML and CSS or have similar working knowledge and experience.

Course Overview

WordPress Course Outline

WordPress Overview

What is WordPress?
The Difference Between wordpress.org and wordpress.com
Features of WordPress

Installing WampServer

What is the Localhost?
Understanding WampServer
Installing WampServer

Installing WordPress To Local Host

Creating a Database
Creating a Website Folder
Copying the WordPress Files and Folders
Configuring WordPress

The WordPress Interface

Log in to the Dashboard
A Quick Tour of the WordPress Dashboard

Changing WordPress Settings

Changing the E-mail Address
Changing the Timezone

About Plugins

What is a Plugin?
Where to Find Plugins
Downloading a Plugin
Installing a Plugin
Updating a Plugin
Uninstalling a Plugin

The Add New Page Screen

Toggling the Toolbar
Switching Between Visual and Text Editors
Adding Buttons to the Editor Toolbar

Creating Web Pages

Uploading Images & Files
Viewing All the Pages
Deleting a Page
Undeleting a Page
Adding Pages
Inserting Images

Creating a Menu

Creating a New Menu
Adding Pages to the Menu
Adding a Custom Link Menu Item
Re-Arranging Menu Items
Setting the Menu Location
Removing a Menu Item
Setting the Home Page

Inserting Hyperlinks

Inserting a Hyperlink to Download a File
Inserting a Hyperlink to an External Website
Inserting a Hyperlink to an Internal Page
Inserting a Hyperlinked E-mail Address
Removing a Hyperlink

Themes and Appearance

What is a Theme?
Where to Find Free Themes
Viewing Themes
Changing the Theme
Installing a Downloaded Theme
Updating a Theme
Deleting a Theme

About Widgets and Sidebars

What is a Widget?
What is a Sidebar?
Adding/Removing Widgets
Using the Text Widget to Add Text
Using the Text Widget to Add Images
About Shortcodes

What is Shortcode?
How to Use a Shortcode

Adding a Photo Gallery

Installing a Plugin
Creating the Photo Gallery
Adding the Shortcode to a Page

Creating a Contact Form

Installing a Plugin
Adding a Shortcode to a Page

Creating an Online Form

Generating Google Keys for reCAPTCHA
Adding the Google Keys to Contact Form 7
Creating an Online Form
Creating a Text Field
Creating an E-Mail Field
Creating a Radio Button Field
Creating a Checkbox Field
Creating a Drop-Down Field
Adding a reCAPTCHA
Adding a Submit Button
Configuring the E-mail Message Body
Creating an Autoresponder
Adding the Shortcode to a Page
Adding the Page to the Menu
Installing a Plugin to Save Information to a Database

Inserting an Image Slider

Installing an Image Slider Plugin
Creating a Slideshow
Adding a Slideshow to a Page
Adding a Slideshow to a Sidebar

Inserting A Google Map

Using Google Code to Add a Map
Using a Plugin to Add a Google Map

Adding Social Media Buttons

Uploading the Images
Applying Hyperlinks
Placing it on a Sidebar
Using a Plugin to Add Social Media Buttons
Using the Theme to Add Social Media Buttons

WordPress Web Security

Using an Extension to Implement Security
Using Strong Passwords
Changing the Admin User
Keeping WordPress & Plugins & Themes up to Date
Avoiding Free Themes

Making Regular Backups

Backing Up the Website
Installing a Plugin
Creating a Backup
Locating the Backup

Making the Website Live (Demo)

Uploading the Files
Creating a Database, User and Password
Restoring the Backup

Registering and Hosting a Website

Domain Names
Registering a Domain
Hosting a Domain
Hosting Options
The Steps to Register a Domain
Signing Up for Domain/Website Hosting
Changing the Nameserver

Using FTP to Upload or Download

About FTP
Installing FTP
Starting FTP
Connecting to the Server
Downloading or Uploading Files

Speed Performance

Installing Plugins
Setting up Plugins

Setup Cloudflare

Full Website Creation Using 2 difference Themes

Sahifa WordPress Multi Purpose Theme
Avada WordPress Multi Purpose Theme

Fiverr Gigs list

I Will install WordPress on Your Host
I Will Migrate Transfer Your Site to Another Host
I Will Do Any WordPress Work
I Will fix any WordPress error, bug, issue
I Will Create Auto Backup of Your Site
I Will Secure Your Site
I Will Do Onpage SEO in Your WordPress
I Will Remove Malware, Virus From WordPress
I Will Increase Speed of Your WordPress
I Will Develop Magazine, News
I Will Develop Professional Site in WordPress
I Will Create E-Commerce Online Store in WordPress

Fiverr Course Outline

What is Freelancing
How to Start Freelancing
Freelancing Platforms
What is Fiverr
Earning Expectations
Creating Account in Fiverr
Completing your account
Gigs & Gig Extras
Exploring some Gigs
How to Create a Gig
Editing your Gigs
How to Add Gig Extra
How to Promote gig Extra
Fiverr Analytics
Tips for Sales Enhancement
Minor Investment great reward
Same Gig different titles
Fiver Custom Requests
Withdrawal Options
Associating Payoneer Card with Fiverr
Fiver Alternatives
How to Earn From Fiverr Without Skills


1. 10 Paid Themes
2. 10 Paid Plugins
3. 2600+ Udemy paid Courses

Quizzes & Homework

Quizzes review the materials covered earlier in that session. Homework will be given at the end of each class. It recommended that students spend time outside of class using WordPress CMS in order to fully grasp the lessons learned in class.

Final Project & Exam

To fulfill the requirements of this course, the final project must be submitted at the end of this course. This project will incorporate lessons from each class session and must be done using WordPress CMS.


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